Saturday, December 08, 2012


I am mostly done with going over line edits of the chapbook collection. The edits have just been correcting typos and my never-standard punctuation. I think I've rewritten only one sentence. I have one more story to go.

I've reached the point I always reach, when what I write seems awful. I simply have to push through. The mood goes away. I quite like some of what I've written. Though I never see the story other people see or the story in my mind, which is luminous and perfect and very funny. A combination of Jane Austen and -- what? P. G. Wodehouse? Scrooge McDuck? Over the top, sense of wonder sf?

I grew up on Austen, Dickens, magazine science fiction, Scrooge McDuck, murder mysteries and 20th century humorists, including P.G. Wodehouse. I assume that's what shaped my own writing.


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