Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The weather has been coolish, around freezing, and there is still snow on the ground. This will end this weekend, when the temp is supposed to go up to 50. I am planning to spend most of the weekend at Minicon. At some point, though, Patrick and I need to take a drive up to Duluth or down along the Mississippi. We just sank $300 into car repairs and should use the car. There ought to be eagles still around Lake Pepin. We need to see them -- and Lake Superior, which is one heck of a lake.

These are two different directions, in case you aren't from around here. Lake Pepin is a wide place in the Mississippi south of the Twin Cities, edged by wooded bluffs. Bald Eagles winter there, because there are patches of open water, where they can fish. They ride the updrafts above the bluffs and sometime perch in trees by the road.

Lake Superior is three hours north of the Cities. A friend of Patrick's has been up on the North Shore of Superior and posting wonderful photographs. It really is one heck of a lake.


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