Friday, May 10, 2013

A Four Day Visit by my Brother

Sunny day here. Patrick has spent the day napping, due to feeling ill. I am feeling tired. Because my brother is arriving tonight, I am still cleaning. Yesterday Patrick said, "Do you think he will notice dust?" I said, "Of course not. He's not the kind of person who checks the top of picture frames." Then I thought, OMG I haven't dusted the picture frames. So I did it today, but only the ones that were easy to reach.

Years ago, my brother came for a visit. Before he arrived, Patrick said, "You two will have a huge argument about something pointless, and then you'll go to an art museum, and your brother will straighten pictures." So my brother arrived, and we had a huge argument over whether US Senators are paid too much or too little. Then we went to the Walker Art Center. There was a Russian Constructivist show on. My brother looked at a trio of paintings that were not especially good, though maybe of historical importance. He said, "That isn't art, and it isn't even straight." And he straightened the pictures.
Patrick drove my brother and me south along the Mississippi. We went through the Prairie Island reservation and looked for the reservation's small herd of bison. They are in a large area with a high fence. This time they were close to the fence and the road: three large adults chowing down on bales of hay and then a group of 15-20 juveniles simply walking along further back from the fence. We saw a lot of white pelicans on Lake Pepin, which is a wide place in the river, and we stopped in the town of Pepin. My favorite jewelry store, BNOX, is closed during the week. But the owner was out front planting flowers, and she opened the store for us. So -- bison, birds and jewelry. A nice sunny day.
Patrick, my brother and I went to the Minneapolis Art Institute and looked at the East Asian collection, which is impressive. We did not touch the art, though my brother and I remembered touching the jade mountain as kids. It was not in a plexy case when it was at the Walker, and we could use our fingers to walk up the steps carved in the mountain. I couldn't see any signs of our finger marks. It's better that it's in a case now.
During my brother's four day visit spring arrived. The grass has turned green. The trees are leafing out. Forsythia and magnolias are blossoming. The sky is a very specific, bright and clear spring color.


Blogger Unknown said...

At this late time of life, I am honored to have had you and Ruth’s mentorship in learning how to become a human being. I remember playing chess through the mail with your brother after he moved to New York. Nancy and I will celebrate 49 years of marriage tomorrow, and much of the stability we have achieved comes from the grounding we received fifty or more years ago. Dusting and straightening are the signs of the hope we have that, even though we know that we have the love and approval of others, we still wish to show them our best. Thank you for never leaving a little part of my spirit. May your family have many more years of joy. John & Nancy Nelson

7:14 AM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

My gosh, what a wonderful comment. Thank you so much, John.

8:37 AM  

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