Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bird Listening

A couple of days ago, I came out of my building and heard a liquid bird song coming from a tree in front. I'm terrible at bird calls, so I had to look for the bird, which proved to be a robin.

The winter bird calls around here are the gurgles of pigeons, the cawing of crows and the chip-chip-chip of English sparrows. It's a pleasure when the robins and house finches arrive in the spring.

I should learn more calls, but I mostly would not hear them. The birds around here seem to be of a limited variety. Though I once saw a hawk chase a pigeon right over the cars parked in front of my building. That was awesome. The pigeon was still ahead when they flew out of sight.

Still, there are times, especially in the spring, when I hear calls I don't recognize. They are migratory birds, warblers, too small for me to spot.


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