Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Cabin Fever

The temp was in the 90s yesterday and the high today is predicted to be 95. After that, temps will begin to fall.

I ran errands yesterday. Most of the time, I was inside, but I had to go out to move from building to building. Weather like this -- sunny and almost cloudless with a temp in the 90s -- makes me rapidly queasy. I plan to spend today inside doing tasks I have been avoiding.

During most of my life, work gave structure to my days. Since I got laid off (four years ago now) I have put together an alternative structure, so I don't simply float through the rest of my life. The structure is not anything dramatic: meetings with friends, exercise at the Y, my writing groups. But it allows me to feel something is getting done.

Appointments for yesterday and today fell through. That, combined with the heat, makes me feel frustrated. It's summer cabin fever.

I told Patrick yesterday I was bored and wanted to do something exciting. We could hop a plane to Iceland, I suppose. But it would be hard to get seats, I expect, and I have dental work and a convention coming up and no extra money.

I am suddenly reminded of the Shel Silverstein book that tells kids there is no Oz, but maybe someday you can go to Detroit...

Patrick just told me it's close to 90 in Duluth, so driving there is not an option...


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