Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Notes

I sucessfully crashed yesterday, getting nothing done except a load of wash. Autumn begins today. One of my three favorite seasons.

We did go grocery shopping, obtaining marmalade, among other things. And just in time. I washed out the old marmalade jar this morning. So I did two things yesterday.

And watched Sense and Sensibility again in the evening. Patrick said he liked it better this time than previously. I found I was paying more attention to the expressions of the four leads. Before, I was entranced by the many fine supporting actors. I am crazy about Sir John and Mrs. Jennings and the Palmers and the perfidous Lucy Steele...Not to mention the truly horrible Fanny Dashwood... So I guess I did three things yesterday.

Today is bright and clear. The overture of An Italian Girl in Algiers is on the radio. My poetry workshop is later. I am planning out next week. It's going to be a lot of drudgery -- housecleaning, bill paying, packing up papers to go to Northern Illinois University. It will be good to get all this done.
In the meantime, before the workshop, I went to the Farmer's Market and got two baguettes; Honeycrisp apples, because the Harelsons haven't come in yet; spinach, because it looked so good; and flowers, because -- flowers!

I wish I could save days like this -- when very simple, but very pleasant things happen. Blue sky. Cool air. The Farmers Market full of red, yellow, orange, white, green vegetables and some fruit.

Life -- my life -- is made of lots of small things. An editor complained once that my characters drank too many cups of coffee. There are lives -- I am sure -- made of big things. But Zen masters tell us to pay attention to breathing, which is the simplest -- and most important -- small and ordinary thing.


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