Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

A sunny day. Temp 23 F. My weather widget tells me clouds will be moving in. I exercised yesterday, then stayed home. Did a load of wash and put it away. This may sound minor, but getting the duvet back into the duvet cover is a struggle. Paid all my bills. Ordered some holiday gifts online.

Lay on the couch and thought about a possible story. I have a good title and some ideas that haven't come together yet. Made an unsatisfactory dinner. (I will never get that kind of pasta again.) Watched Wall-E and went to bed.

Today I will cook, while Patrick cleans. Patrick and I spend most Thanksgivings quietly and alone. We will have guests for Christmas, so I am doing a test run on Christmas dinner today.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday.


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