Friday, February 07, 2014

College Reunion

I have a college reunion coming up, one of the big ones. I'm not planning to go. SF conventions take all my available money and energy. I am fairly introverted, which means large groups of people pull energy from me, rather than energizing me. SF conventions provide me with people I know and want to see, also the chance to talk about subjects that interest me: gender issues in SF, race issues in SF, politics and economics in SF, global warming, what new books are worth reading... You know. The usual. This gives me some energy back and makes going to cons worthwhile.

Going to a gathering of people I have not seen for decades sounds baffling. Why would I do it? What do we share, except distant memories of our early 20s? My brother, who has been to many reunions, says they are mostly a way for the school to fundraise.

In any case, I wrote a long post yesterday on why I had not liked my undergrad college. I told Patrick this, and he said, "Eleanor, that was decades and decades ago." He was right. It doesn't matter why I disliked the school. The entire episode is long, long over. I am no longer the person who had those experiences. The school has doubtless changed, I hope for the better. I deleted the post.

One should pay attention to the passage of time...


Blogger Unknown said...

Me neither, although I still love our college and don't regret the time I spent there.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Russell Letson said...

I won't hit my 50th college reunion until '16, but my 50th high school reunion was a couple years back, and while I probably would not have enjoyed the in-person activities, it was very interesting and heartening to read what had become some of my classmates--particularly a couple of guys I did not like at all back then. One in particular, a yobbish kid, had managed to pull himself together (in the service, if I recall correctly), get some education, and have a pretty good life. Ironically, the teachers he credited with pointing him in the right direction were the two biggest bullies on the faculty, a couple of ex-Marines whom I heartily detested on first sight. I suppose that's why there's more than one kind of human. (Though my high school life would have been happier without the head coach being in it.)

6:22 PM  

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