Thursday, March 20, 2014


I updated on my bibliography yesterday. Not too bad, though I could have written more. This was not true when I started. I had to learn how to write without waiting for the muse, one reason why I wrote novels, which require less inspiration than short stories. You can just trudge on, until another neat idea hits. And it was hard for me to write when working day jobs. But I have no excuse for not writing more in the part five years.

I've been saying that I have published 30+ works of short fiction. It's 40+, almost 50 when a few more forecoming stories actually forthcome. And six novels, if I include Tomb of the Fathers, which is almost Nebula novel length. This is published work, not the stories piled up on my work desk.

A lot of stories are in groups: hwarhath stories, Lydia Duluth and Goxhat stories, Big Mama stories, Icelandic stories; and a new group seems to be emerging: fairy and folk tales about writing and art. I have four of these so far. The best one is "The Grammarian's Five Daughters," but the others are perfectly okay; and I love writing them. Naomi Kritzer wants me to write a fairy tale about readers, and I think there should be one about librarians. One of my facebook colleagues has suggested a story about booksellers.


Blogger delagar said...

Is the bibliography available online?

I think I have read all your fiction, but I would love to be sure!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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