Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I'm making a list of what I enjoyed about Wiscon, so I can keep the experience. We got out Friday and went window shopping at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which has a lovely shop, and the Fanny Garver Gallery. Then went over to Monana Terrace, a Frank Lloyd Wright building on the shore of Lake Monona. It was a bright late spring day. The sky and lake were blue. We like FLW buildings and wandered around, then went to the shop, which was full of FLW mugs and scarves and key rings. Bought nothing. A day or so later, I bought a necklace from Elise Matthesen in the dealer's room. Elise names her jewelry, and this one is named "The Hidden Folk Consider the Matter of Churches." Since my new collection is titled Hidden Folk, I had to have the necklace. It's silver, agate and red abalone shell.

I don't make many panels at the con. However, I took part in a pleasant panel discussion of the Tiptree Award and attended a very useful discussion of how to organize time for writing. Heard a good paper by Sandy Lindow on my Big Mama stories. The Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam at the Concourse restaurant were excellent. Had a chance to talk with people I really like and see only once a year. Also missed the chance to spend time with other people I really like and see once a year. This year Wiscon and the annual Science Fiction Research Association convention were running in adjoining hotels, so there was a lot of walking back and forth. Good for exercise.

One lovely sight. On Sunday morning, as were were walking from one hotel to another, we passed an Episcopal church. The priest was outside. The various layers of his vestments were cream, pale blue and pale green. Everything was brocade and gleamed in the morning sunlight. He looked like a garden. I wanted to say, "What a great costume!" But I said, "Good morning."


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