Sunday, February 15, 2015

Postscript to the Vanishing Women Post

One of my friends thought the comparison to Hollywood (in my vanishing women post) is wrong. New SFF writers don't get attention because they were young and foxy. They get attention because they are hip and the next big thing. This sounds correct. I withdraw the comparison to Hollywood.


Blogger Foxessa said...

I have long suspected that the primary reason women writers tend to disappear is because of other women sf/f writers. Particularly in the last years, when, with the rise of all YA all time all places nurtured an already endemic cliquish, exclusionary, mean girl tendency. But as writers so often, consciously or not, to emulate their protagonists, the rise of YA rather gave the blessing to such 'tude. Part of the basis for this thinking is the currency among fans, fan fic writers and writers themselves to tout "punching in the face" other females that either they or their protagonists don't like, with or without reason, as being bad-ass, and being bad ass is SUCH a good thing.

Not. But that's my opinion, and a most unpopular opinion it is.

Signed, another forgotten sf/f female writer . . . .

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