Sunday, February 08, 2015


I haven't posted for the better part of a month. What is there to say? I am still proofreading -- at this point, the last of the three out-of-print novels which Aqueduct Press will be publishing in e-versions. This project has taken way too long, which is mostly my fault.

Other than that, we are having a mild winter with little snow. I would sooner have a cold winter with lots more snow, but I am stuck with what we have.

Patrick and I had a wonderful dinner with a couple of friends last night, then we went grocery shopping for a few essentials, and I picked up a small orchid in the grocery store. My sister-in-law gave me an orchid for a present the Christmas before last. (I have mentioned it before.) It has bloomed twice so far, but is not blooming now. So I wanted another orchid. This one has deep pink centers and pale green petals. Four blooms and four buds. I hope it does well.

The hoya has nine clusters of flower buds and almost ready to bloom again. (It bloomed last in December.) In addition, we have a vase full of cut flowers -- bright yellow poms with green centers. Flowers help in the winter, especially a mild, gray winter with little snow.


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