Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wiscon 2

I overslept, having a complicated dream about a road trip which seemed to involve C.L.R. James. The person in question was older, thin, black and irritable, which is the way James was the one time I met him. I no longer remember where we were going (it was a group) or why, but it seemed important at the time. Given the fact was James was included, it might have been a trip to the socialist future.

I had one insight, if you can call it that, during Wiscon. All my writing lately has been finishing projects. I don't like finishing projects. I like the first draft. This suggests that I ought to allow myself a first draft now and then to keep me happy with writing


Blogger Foxessa said...

You dreamed of C.L.R. James!

Do you think anyone else has ever dreamed of this historian, still essential today, for New World and European scholars, historians or anyone else who wishes to write about our past?

9:34 AM  

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