Monday, March 28, 2016

The Next Book,

Out in May, 2016.


I am not good on bird songs. But in the winter I mostly hear the chirp-chirp of sparrows and maybe a crow cawing. Now, at the end of March, I hear trills and warbles. Birds are arriving from the south: robins and finches and I don't know what else.


By the way, I hear very good things about your new book.


It's been so long since I input anything that I forgot how to get to my blog. Either that, or Google changed its system.

Spring is arriving. Local facebook friends are posting photos of flowers. I just got back from Minicon. I was a bit tense, because I was getting interviewed for a publication. One of the reasons I am a writer is I like to control things. You can't really control an interview. This one especially was very fluid. The interviewer assures me that he will be able to turn it into something coherent.