Friday, April 01, 2016

Lead In

This is a lead in to three posts on aging.

First, from facebook:

Aging is not a fun topic, and it's not very science fictional. In SF aging has been cured, and in fantasy we have ageless elves and ancient, wise, powerful wizards who do not seem to suffer from arthritis or hearing problems...
Second, I hate the term 'intersectional.' It sounds like awful jargon to me. BUT aging is intersectional. Many old people are women. Many are people of color. Many are disabled. Many are GLBT. Every human group except children and the young can find members among the old.

When I say aging is an issue that needs to be talked about, I am not defining the old as white, straight, male and cis. Old is old. Past a certain age (the age varies in according to culture) everyone is an elder or dead.

Some of what follows is obvious. Sorry about that. Like the mills of God, my brain grinds slowly...


Blogger Foxessa said...

For people who think aging and death aren't sfnal subjects I suggest they listen to this week's Radio Lab on mortality. It is fascinating and filled with science. You can hear it here:

Love, C.

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