Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Post Office

So I went to the post office to mail off my tax payments. I was there over an hour, standing in line. There was a chattery lady in a wheelchair, who never stopped talking. Several restless children. People who had problems when they finally got to the counter, which had only one clerk. For example, the young person with 35 letters that had to go certified mail. Do you know how long it takes to process 35 pieces of certified mail? I do now. The gentleman who had a complaint about another branch office and wanted to see someone in authority at this branch right now -- and was upset enough so he didn't hear the clerk telling him she was the only person in the office. She kept saying, "We only sell stamps." The woman who appeared to be actively hallucinating. She seemed to be on a phone, which I couldn't see, talking to star fleet.

I have no trouble with ambient noise in a coffee shop. I rarely notice other people's conversations. But I couldn't shut out any of the noise on this line. Epecially the lady who was saying, "Danger, danger" to star fleet.

This is the downtown office. I went after lunch hour, hoping for no line. I expected to see people in business attire, not people like the lady entirely in white, carrying a couple of white flowers. She got in a lively conversation with the member of star fleet.

I stopped on the way home and got a brownie the size of a house, ate it, came home and took a nap.


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