Friday, July 14, 2017


Happy Bastille Day! Many happy returns! I am sitting here at the start of a hot, bright day, drinking my coffee. The muffin with marmalade has been eaten. Today I am going to the Mall of America to help a friend look for sandals. Patrick has given me ten dollars to spend for him at the Lindt chocolate shop. I have no plans to buy anything for myself. Our beloved Paradise Pen shop has closed, so I will not be tempted to buy a pen. How many pens does a person need, in any case? Still, the Mall is inside and air conditioned, and while walking around is a very mild form of exercise, I am at least moving. It should be fun. The Nordstrom shoe department is awesome.


Patrick asked me to buy two bars of Lindt dark chocolate. I bought four: there was a sale. After, my friend and I swung by a Mexican folk art store in SW Minneapolis. I was much taken by the folk art bobble head chickens and the folk art arm reliquery earrings, but did not buy either.


We did pass through Nordstom’s. The shoe department was mostly curtained off for a special sale, which was frustrating, since I like looking at shoes. I am actually thinking of buying a pair of Wellies, since our winters are no longer cold enough for winter boots. When I got home I went online to check the Wellies that Nordstrom's carries, and then I decided to look at sneakers. I decided to look at the designer sneakers, thinking I could find a nice pair of Converses. Did you know that you can get sneakers trimmed with genuine Norwegian fox fur? Did you know you can buy a pair of sneakers that cost more than $1,000? As Bruce Banner said, Truly, these are the End Times


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