Friday, September 20, 2019


I have been doing facebook instead of my blog for the past year. The blog feels like me speaking into a void. I like the interaction of facebook. The neat articles other people find, the comments and discussions, the cat pictures, the breakfast news.

The other thing I like about facebook is how transitory and in the moment it is. I can describe a sunset or my breakfast and that seems fine. A blog seems more formal. I could post a photo of a sunset, as John Scalzi does. But a several line description seems less appropriate to a blog. Do blog readers care?

Last night there were (or was) a row of cumulus clouds low in the NW. They were blue at sunset. Above them and to the west were high, thin clouds. pink in the last light. So -- low, bubbly, blue cumuli and high, gauzy, pink clouds, and the sky gradually darkening around them.

Also, breakfast this morning was the usual toast and marmalade and coffee.