Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fall in Minnesota (with Global Warming)

I rode the bus out to the Megamall (aka the Mall of America) for mall walking. The sumac is turning red, and there are lots of wild flowers along the freeway: sunflowers and goldenrod and other bright yellow flowers I don't recognize. The temp is ten degrees high for this time of year, thanks to global warming. A reason to be inside. It was not pleasant outside: both hot and humid. Still, a handsome day. I had lunch with my friend Theresa and then we walked.

After looking at my bank account, I decided I am bought out, so nothing was purchased aside from lunch (and groceries later). I got home a little after two. Then Patrick and I went grocery shopping. Since the weather is so warm, we bought summer foods that don't need cooking: grapes, green peppers, hummus, yogurt, cheese and bread.

Patrick really dislikes heat and humidity and keeps mentioning this. I point out that at least we not in the town in Pakistan where the temp gets up to 125 F.


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