Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Movie Report

We have now re-seen V and The Matrix. I was wrong about The Matrix. The problem isn't bad science. It's bad dialogue. I prefer V, I think. The enemy is far more real, and the way the enemy gained power is plausible. It's a more visually striking movie. There are images from V which are staying with me. But The Matrix is mind-bending. You sit there with your mouth open.

Both movies seem to argue for revolution. I wonder what the people who made them were thinking. Back in the 1960s my friends and I used to look at movies for signs of the time. Now -- I don't know.


Blogger Tallgeese said...

The book that Neo hides his chips in, in the beginning of the first Matrix movie, is a book by Baudrillard. So that says something about what the filmmakers may hold up as inspiration. :)

FYI, Slavoj Zizek's "Welcome to the Desert of the Real" (Verso Press) is a pretty fun interpretation of the War on Terror through the lens of the first Matrix movie.

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