Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bison and One Eagle

Patrick and I drove south along the Mississippi yesterday. As always we took the loop that goes through the Prairie Island Indian Reservation; and as usual we took the smaller loop that goes past the pasturage for the band's small bison herd. We never got a glimpse of the bison until yesterday. There they were, 20 or 30 animals, including three calves young enough so they still had their orange baby fur. We stopped so Pat could take pictures. As soon as we did that, the bison began moving away from the fence and the road. But several of them stopped at what must have been a good wallow, lay down and rolled back and forth in the dust. It's quite a sight to see an animal that massive kick up its legs and roll almost all the way onto its back.

Finally, they all moved out of the sight, and we drove on.

Farther down river we saw an immature bald eagle being chased by a bird that way maybe as big as the eagle's head. I have never figured out what it is about small birds chasing big birds.


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