Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going Out

After saying that I need to get out more, I wimped on going to a poetry workshop in Mankato, about two hours from the Twin Cities, this weekend. It seemed too far, especially since I am feeling mildly under the weather.

However, I did get to the Y today and then went to a local coffee shop to write. The sirens went off as I arrived at the coffee shop. A tornado had been spotted in Minneapolis. I took a table away from the windows, set up my computer and input changes to the beginning of my very tentative YA fantasy.

I print out sections as I write them and correct extensively, using pen or pencil. These days I prefer a mechanical pencil and an eraser from one of the local art supply stores.

Then the changes go into my computer, and I write some more.

Anyway, I worked for two hours, while rain poured down outside.I can't make up my mind about the YA. It doesn't entirely grab me. On the other hand, I can't let go of it. It haunts me just a little.

After two hours I headed out. Fortunately I had an umbrella.


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