Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Report

Duluth on Friday was sunny and lovely. The Arthur Anderson slid through the shipping canal right on schedule. We took lots of pictures. I will post some later.

We walked around in Canal Park and looked at things to buy, but did not buy anything.

Saturday I went to media conference and enjoyed it. I am not a nonfiction writer, but I am interested in new media and think I will begin to pay more attention.

Sunday I went to a meeting of my poetry workshop. I am not writing poetry currently, but I really enjoy hearing poetry and commenting on it; and this group writes really fine poems.

Monday I joined a couple of people from my fiction writing workshop at a coffee shop. In theory we get together to write, but this time we mostly chatted.

This morning I am checking for jobs on the Internet, a wonderful invention, especially since these days most places want resumes emailed. So I can sit at home and do my employment search in my jammies with a cup of coffee next to me. Of course, the work isn't there -- not the jobs I'm looking for, anway -- but none the less this is a far more efficient way to look for work.

Not a bad few days.


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