Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The volcano seems to be slowing down a bit...

Airports are opening in Europe. The Iceland Review says now is a good time to come and see the volcano, since travelers trapped in Iceland can now go home, and hotel rooms have opened up.

I think I am going to pass. I am looking at a lot of writing: the sequel to Ring of Swords, five stories in various states of completion, and the starts of two YA novels, one a fantasy and one science fiction.

I'm having trouble deciding what to work on. The obvious answer is, finish the one story that needs only minor changes, then move to the Ring sequel, and work on the other stuff on the side. The big project is the Ring sequel.

It shouldn't be this difficult. Maybe I need to follow the example of the volcano and simply go ahead and get the job done.

You don't see Eyjafjallajokull stalling around and getting distracted from the task at hand.

Note: I can now spell the name of the volcano, or the glacier over the volcano, but in no way can I pronouce the name. Maybe I need to give it a nickname: Eyja.


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