Saturday, December 11, 2010


We're in the middle of a serious snow storm. Ten to twenty inches was predicted. Right now, the snow is falling so thickly we can see across the street, but not much farther. Patrick is taking photos of nearby buildings. They are almost colorless shadows, looming through whiteness.

So we are stuck inside today, which is just fine.

Patrick has a very large teddy bear given to him years ago by a homeless man. The bear's name is Mr. Bear. Patrick and I occasionally have conversations with him, Patrick voicing the bear. Usually Mr. Bear makes remarks about being homeless and how important it is to have a home.

This morning, Mr. Bear said, "This reminds me of '91."

That was a famous year for blizzards, the last year (till now) when the Twin Cities had serious snow storms.

"You remember '91?" I asked.

"Of course. There was so much snow we couldn't find cans. I spent the entire day under a loading dock."

"You're safe inside this time," I said to Mr. Bear.


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