Friday, March 29, 2013


I am feeling spring-like and a bit hyper. That happens to me this time of year. It's a reaction to the end of winter, though I like winter and wish we had the long, cold winters we had when I was a kid. Still, spring is pleasant, and I love the increase in light. Flowers will be appearing any moment: crocuses, forsythia, magnolias, and then the wonderful week when the fruit trees and lilacs bloom. That used to be in May, but it's happening earlier now.

I heading off to Minicon at noon. I have a panel on the physics of fairy tales. I was going to say there isn't any. Then I realized my Big Mama stories are folk tales, and they are science fiction, with a lot of biology and some physics. I can talk about them and tell people the collection will be out in May.

I'm not usually into self-promotion. It seems too much like bragging, which is not admired here in Minnesota. But in this case my stories are actually relevant.


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