Friday, March 28, 2014

Notes on the Concert Tonight

Osmo Vanska is leading the Minnesota Orchestra in two Sibelius symphonies tonight. Per the announcer, Orchestra Hall is full and the musicians -- who now gather backstage and come out as a group -- got a standing ovation. When Vanska came out there was another ovation and the waving of many, many blue and white Finnish flags. Vanska is currently negotiating with the orchestra board on whether or not he comes back. He says he would like to come back, if the orchestra can play as well as he wants them to. I figure this is code for, if the board will promise to keep its stinking hands off the orchestra. He knows how well the musicians play. He has been conducting them in concerts during the lockout. Go, Osmo! Go, the musicians! And go, Sibelius!

The CEO who caused all the trouble by trying to break the musicians union is leaving this summer "by mutual agreement" with the board and its new president. Eight board members have quit, because they're angry about the CEO leaving. Good riddance to all of them.

I wasn't paying enough attention to the Sibelius 4th Symphony, but I did listen to his 1st Symphony. It sounded good, very lush, but also on the edge of the modern era, with sudden breaks and shifts. According to the announcer, Vanska looked happy at the end. He hugged the entire string section and then went out to the new, huge lobby to sign copies of the Grammy-winning CD of these two Siberlius symphonies. It's obvious the concert goers adore him and the orchestra.


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