Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It has been a beautiful autumn. Now it's ending. The temps have fallen from the 70s to the high 40s. The trees in the nearby park have mostly lost their leaves, though there are still a few with bright yellow foliage. There is one red tree, a maple, of course; and one tree covered with lovely, rich brown foliage. It's an oak, of course.

I wrote this post last year in November:
This time of year I praise the oaks
That keep their leaves when other trees are bare --
Red, brown, orange, yellow-brown,
Like banners in the cold fall air,

Flaunting their persistence. They won’t give in,
Though snow flies in winter’s icy gust.
Their roots wait deep in the frozen ground
For spring to come, as come it must
A clunky little poem, but I like it, because I like oaks.


Blogger Peg said...

Every time I see oak trees in autumn, keeping their leaves when all other leaves have fallen, I think of the throwaway line of description in Pamela Dean's Tam Lin about the 'stubborn and covetous oaks.'

7:27 AM  
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