Sunday, September 20, 2015


I'm writing a story about Icelandic belief, based on a conversation I had with an Icelandic historic site curator more than a decade ago. In some ways, Icelandic belief -- in ghosts and elves and so on -- is like Schrodinger's cat. The belief is in a box in an uncertain state. If you open the box, the uncertain state collapses into either belief or disbelief. Until the box is opened, you have no idea what you will find.

That's the way it is in my story, anyway. I wonder if I can use that metaphor in the story?


Blogger pat said...

That sounds very cool, and I like the analogy. But is that how Icelanders see it? I'm thinking about the 'elves block road construction' stories I've seen, and how they were apparently resolved by actually moving physical objects out of the road path. Which could either suggest that these are viewed as physical elves rather than Schrodinger's elves, or that everyone agrees not to open the box.

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Blogger Milen Abraham said...

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