Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Potatoes, corn and sunflowers

I made corn on the cob and boiled red potatoes for dinner. The corn was served with the usual butter, salt and pepper. I made a sauce for the potatoes from a recipe I found in Ursula K. LeGuin's novel Always Coming Home. It's a cup of yogurt, a spoon of olive oil, one grated garlic clove and ground cayenne pepper.

A delicious meal and pretty nutritious too, as I just discovered by Googling. Corn and potatoes may be the best gifts that America has given the world. Saying that, I look at the vase of sunflowers I have on the kitchen counter. The sunflower may be my favorite flower. It's awesome to go the Dakotas when the sunflower fields are blooming and see mile after mile after mile of blazing yellow blooms.Another wonderful American gift.

Karl Marx said somewhere that the Americas had produced only one grain, but it was the best grain of all.

One could say something similar about the potato. It's the best of all tubers.



Blogger Naomi said...

I find it hard to imagine Europe or Asia without the potato. It's a major staple in Nepal, as are corn and squash. Squash is the major source of Vitamin A in the Nepali diet; you don't find carrots there very often.

And can you imagine Italian cuisine without the tomato?

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