Monday, August 14, 2006

Eleanor Arnason Projects in Progress

I promised I wouldn't talk too much about my stories as I wrote them. But I am going to talk about projects. I have four at present.

The first is Ten Examples of Contemporary Hwarhath Fiction, a collection of stories written about the hwarhath, humanoid aliens who first appeared in my fifth novel Ring of Swords. I've been working on these stories since I finished Ring. All have been published and several have been reprinted. One -- "Dapple" -- won a Spectrum Award; and another -- "The Potter of Bones" -- was a Nebula finalist. Most are connected in one way or another, either by Dapple, a woman actor who goes through three stories, or by the great and terrible war leader Eh Manhata. Manhata founds the state that becomes the hwarhath world government centuries after his death. He is the hwarhath George Washington, though not nearly as nice. I'd like the stories published in one book. The problem is finding a publisher. I'm talking to small presses. No one is enthusiastic yet. However a couple of publishers have said they are willing to look at the manuscript, which means I have to finish it and send it out.

The other problem with the collection is -- I always planned to have ten stories, but I written and published eleven. A twelfth -- about the actor Dapple -- is more than half done.

The second collection is The Adventures of Lydia Duluth. These are humorous space operas or maybe meta-space operas about Lydia Duluth, a location scout for an interstellar holodrama company. Among other things, they are my homage to Jackie Chan and the Hong Kong film industry. I have written nine stories set in the Lydia Duluth universe; and seven have been published. One was a Hugo and Nebula finalist. Another was a Nebula finalist. The last two are complete, but need to be revised. Again, I need to find a small press publisher who is interested. More than that, I have to finish the last two stories and send them out, then complete the manuscript of the book.

The third collection is the rest of my short stories, which I have always planned to call The Warlord of Saturn's Moons and Other Stories. A small press has he manuscript of this, and we are talking, but I do not have a deal.

Finally, there is the sequel to Ring of Swords, which was turned down by Tor Books in 1994. I couldn't find a New York publisher for the book and put it away. Now I have two small press publishers interested. My friend Patrick says I should start a bidding contest for the rights to the book. "$100! $200! $250!" And so on... The novel needs some serious rewriting, but I suspect it will finally see the light of day.


Blogger ben said...

You must hear this a lot, but Ring of Swords is one of my favourite novels, Eleanor -- I so hope you find a publisher for the sequel!

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