Sunday, April 01, 2007

Driving Downriver & Going to the Opera

Patrick and I drove south along the Mississippi yesterday. It was a cold, rainy day. We stopped at BNOX, an art gallery we like in Pepin, Wisconsin. I looked at earrings, since I have decided to get my ears pierced. We saw an adult bald eagle on the breakwater. Then we drove home.

Today, Sunday, I went to the opera with my friends Ruth and Margaret. We saw Lakme, a late 19th century French opera set in India -- very romantic and very oriental in a 19th century way. I decided I was going to ignore any cultural faux pas I might notice and concentrate on the music, which was lovely. The opera company helped by including background notes in the program which referenced Edward Said on Orientalism.

If you don't know who Edward Said is, Google him. I have found his writing interesting and useful.

Afterward, we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant.

The opera is about a young, naive woman who is destroyed by the conflicts of the men around her over culture and religion and womanhood. The topic is not entirely out of date.


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