Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

I took a walk by the river this morning. There was a big Ingram tow boat docked at Lambert's Landing, a couple of two-person sculls on the river and a guy fishing. I would not eat fish from the Mississippi this far south, but I guess it's okay to catch and release. I used to do that, but gave it up, because I could not convince myself that the fish were having fun.

I got to the Science Museum, which faces on the river, and climbed the stairs up to downtown St. Paul, walked past the main library and through Rice Park, then stopped at the downtown Dunn brothers coffee shop for a coffee frappe.

Going past the library I got a good look at what had to be a male house finch: brown with bright red forehead and breast. Right out of the bird book. I've been hearing and seeing finches a lot, but haven't been sure if they were purple or house finches. House finches are a west coast bird, that was introduced on the east coast. They have been working they way west. No question they are here.

It's hot and bright today, and I just read an article in New Scientist on sun screens: they are not as effective as people think. So a short walk, much of it in the shade of buildings, seemed like a good idea.

I have just started on a four day work week. I'm going to use the free day for writing and taking walks and thinking.


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