Sunday, April 06, 2008

Troll story

Patrick and I drove to Duluth yesterday. We weren't expecting to see any ships in motion, but we were wandering around near the Fraser shipyard, trying to see if there were any ships in dock. All at once we saw the Edward L. Ryerson coming in slowly under the Blatnik Bridge, heading for the shipyard. Another couple were ahead of us on the point, middle aged with the man carrying a big camera and wife following after. Boat nerds. We realized we looked just like them.

Anyway, Patrick got some good pictures of the Ryerson.

We also saw the other ships in port: the Edgar V. Speer loading at the DM&IR taconite docks, the American Courage, in for repairs, and the Walter J. McCarthy, which sank in 20 feet of water last fall and is being repaired in place next to the Hallett # 8 dock.

I bought a raven sculpture at my favorite gallery in Duluth, and we came home.

Today I stayed home and finished my Icelandic troll story, did some housekeeping and made a curry.

At the moment I am inputting while Patrick listens to a Detroit Red Wings hockey game. The Wings are ahead 4 to nothing. The crowd in Joe Louis Arena is happy, and so is Patrick.

I'm not sure about the troll story, but I think I like it.

It's been a satisfying weekend.

Ouch. The Chicago Blackhawks just scored. So Detroit will not have a shut out.


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