Monday, April 06, 2009

April 6

It snowed yesterday. The snow melted when it hit pavement, but stayed on roofs and lawns and the branches of trees. It's gone this morning.

Snow has been recorded in Minnesota in all but one month, August. I've seen snow down here, in the southern part of the state, in every month between October and May.

In case you are wondering, I like this. Snow in the spring is not a problem. I know it isn't going to last. Snow in the the fall is exciting. There are times in January or February, when it may seem as if winter is a bit long. But the problem is the cold and darkness. Snow is almost always fun.

Patrick and I went to the Mall of America, aka the Megamall and Hugedale, yesterday to walk inside. If we do three of the four levels, it's an hour walk. Many older Minnesotans walk inside during the cold weather, and malls open early so they can get in their exercise.

There are two things that make me feel good about getting older. One is seeing a lot of older people briskly exercising. The other is going to the opera and seeing a lot of older people dressed to the teeth and enjoying culture.

Anyway, we finished our walk and did a little shopping -- always a danger when mall walking. I bought a new pen, a rollerball that uses bottled ink, which means I have a huge range of colors available to me. I like the idea of editing with green or purple ink. Patrick bought a new computer bag. I am beginning to think we are trying to maintain the failing economy by ourselves.


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