Sunday, April 26, 2009


The St. Paul Art Crawl happens in April and October. Many artists in Lowertown -- the city's artist quarter -- open their studios and display their art; and people wander from studio to studio, maps in hand. There is one jeweler whose work I like a lot. She was trained as a geologist, and her stones are always awesome. I passed through the art crawl last night -- on my way to something else -- and stopped at her display. I bought a bracelet, though I shouldn't be buying anything except food right now.

The bracelet is made of good-sized spherical and cubical beads, with one cylindrical bead, the largest of the lot. The cylinder and the spherical beads are jade of various shades of yellow, brown and white. The cubical beads are brown citrons. I have never seen brown citrons before. Finally, there are small, disk-shaped, pale green beads framing the cylindrical jade bead and the bracelet's clasp.

Well, it was a lot less expensive than the $615 glasses I was looking at.

I am not sure what I've going to wear with it. But I do have a carved Chinese pendant of pure white jade that came from my grandmother.


Blogger Eleanor said...

I checked with the artist. The pale green beads are aquamarines.

6:29 AM  

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