Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Looking Backward

I was pretty sure I had printed my "Dinosaur" poem here before, so I went back and looked. I quoted it in 2007. That's a ways back. I don't see a problem with quoting it again.

I noticed two things...

How repetitious this blog is... weather, my moods, what Patrick and I are doing, the writing I am planning to do...

I do get a fair amount of writing done finally. But boy is it a slow process. And boy do I spend a lot of time planning to get things done.

Many of the entries are like the journals farmers used to keep:

"January 6, 1896. Snow fell. Cut wood for the stove."

"January 7, 1896. More snow. Cut more wood."

I write more about my plans than the farmers usually did. Maybe I should follow their example and only write down my achievements. Though it might be nice to see dreams in the farm journals.

"January 8, 1896. More snow. I am thinking of fleeing to Mexico."

And there are not enough pictures in the blog. What really gives a blog zing is pictures.


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