Friday, April 24, 2009


It is spring.

I have switched from wearing a turtleneck and a long-sleeved shirt over it to wearing a t-shirt and a long-sleeved shirt over. I don't really need the long-sleeved shirt today. It's 75 degrees.

I am down at my favorite coffee shop, in theory working on a story. But I am actually surfing the Internet. There are flowers on the coffee shop tables, forsythia and daffodils from a staff person's garden.

Tomorrow I am taking off from the job search and other tasks. Sunday I plan to clean house, especially clean the desk in my bedroom, so I can use it as a work space. Monday I will get back to looking for work.

Most of the classes given at the Minnesota Work Force sites -- where the unemployed gather to look at computers and brood -- sound irrelevant to me. How to write a resume. How to use a computer. How to speak English. But a couple of the sites in very prosperous suburbs have interesting sounding classes.

I need to sign up, along with Patrick. He will need to drive.


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