Friday, April 24, 2009

Unemployment Again

I wrote the post immediately below to explain why I am going to write abut unemployment. It is something that many people are experiencing.

Patrick and I are more unlucky than many, because we have both been laid off. However, if unemployment actually is running at 23%, which a Great Depression kind of figure, then many households are or will be experiencing loss of all work income.

We are also lucky, because we have no debt and a relatively modest life style. In the short term, meaning for the next year, we can pay all our bills. The only real problem is health insurance, which is going to run the two of us over $1,200 a month.

But we can make it. Patrick has a formidable reputation in the community of people who work on homeless issues. I think he will be able to find work, though how much and how soon is not clear to me.

I figure, people need accountants even in hard times. I will probably be able to find a part-time job, which is what I had and what I want.

And I am going to write about this now very common experience of not having a job. I am likely -- at least at first -- to write about psychological problems, since that is what I'm dealing with now.


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