Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The Brer Rabbit story is done and ready to go to my workshop. Next Monday I plan to do the final line edits on "My Husband Steinn," a fantasy set in contemporary Iceland. It was written before the banks collapsed, so it's already out of date. But what the heck. I like the trolls in it.

After that I have two stories that are finished, but need a final revision: "Tomb of the Fathers" or "Iridium." In the case of "Tomb" all I have to do is input line edits. "Iridium" needs some rewriting.

I go to three days a week at my job May 1, and I am feeling pretty energetic right now. Happy at the idea of having another day a week free. Raring to go.

I got curious. "Raring" is a dialect form of "rearing." It means impatient or eager. Well, that's me right now. I actually want to write, after months and years when I wondered if I had any interest left in being a writer.

Part of it is the season. I always get energetic in the spring, and I slow down in the fall, when days shorten. So I have maybe five months to get work done, before I begin to like the idea of naps and reading on the living room couch.


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