Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Daily Report

I stayed in all day yesterday, using email, the Internet and the telephone to look for work and deal with some issues left over from my former job.

(My ex-boss filled out my termination form incorrectly, so I had to spend time talking to the insurance agency that handles the former job's COBRA. Fortunately, I used to handle COBRA for my former job, so I was used to dealing with the insurance agency, and its excellent COBRA specialist. Everything got fixed, and I had a pleasant chat with the lady in question.)

Anyway, staying in turned out to be a mistake. The lack of exercise and being indoors left me mildly depressed.

Today I am going to the Y, then sending out a resume, then going down to the local coffee shop with my computer to work there.

With all the people already unemployed, and more to come, we need clubs for the unemployed, unions for the unemployed as they had in the 1930s, unemployed picnics and hiking groups, unemployed street festivals, handbooks for the unemployed...

The State of Minnesota does have a handbook. I can buy it, but I think there's a way to get one free, which I will investigate tomorrow. Patrick and I was going to the Bloomington Workforce office to take a workshop and sign up for more workshops. As I mentioned before, the interesting sounding classes are in affluent suburbs, which are difficult or impossible to get to by mass transit.

This creates a separation between the unemployed poor and the unemployed middle class, since the poor are not likely to go to an affluent suburb, and the middle classes don't seem to like the core Twin Cities much. The classes I am interested in -- looking for work after 40, career exploration, self employment, resume tips -- are all offered in affluent suburbs. As I mentioned before, I already know how to speak English, use a computer and write a basic resume.


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