Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Report

Yesterday was cold and damp with an iron-grey sky. Patrick was feeling under the weather, due to his sciatica. We stayed in most of the day, Patrick dozing in front of his computer, while I read economics, trying to prep for revising my Wiscon essay.

I need to find a brief and forceful way to describe the housing and financial bubbles and their current collapse -- though Wall Street is rebubbling at the moment, which will likely lead to another crash.

We need to rebuild the country and the planet, if human civilization is going to survive; and much of our wealth is being sucked into financial con games. This cannot continue. But how can I say this briefly?

This afternoon I am going to the Walker Art Center for a performance of Asian Indian dance, done to Indonesian gamalan music. It should be neat.

I seem to be finally building a structure for my new life as an unemployed person. I am exercising four or five times a week, which will make my doctor very happy. I'm writing. I'm looking for work and becoming less picky about what I want to do. I'm setting up dates with friends, because staying home makes me crazy.

As long as I pay attention to my budget and don't get discouraged about finding work, I could continue like this for a while.


Blogger Unknown said...

For the Wiscon essay, it might be interesting to take a "future history" tack a la "Looking Backward" or "The Time Machine": imagine a world where we made the right decisions (like Bellamy) and show how those decisions helped, or one where we didn't (like Wells) and show the present as the fulcrum of the crisis. A well-respected sci fi trope, and one where you can have some fun while also presenting a useful and serious message.

2:55 PM  
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