Sunday, July 03, 2011

More Con Report

I also went to a discussion of the writing of Cat Valente, which was both interesting and somewhat depressing. Interesting because her work sounds interesting, and depressing because she is a very fast writer who is getting a lot of recognition for her work at a young age. Writing fast helps, of course. Since she is winning awards, she is likely to be a good writer. (Not all awards are given to good books. But she has won the Tiptree and Mythopeoic Awards. These are both juried awards with good track records.)

Good, fast writing in enviable.

Finally, I went to a discussion of the Short Fiction of Eleanor Arnason. I more or less highjacked this and talked about marketing problems, maybe because of the marketing panel and Valente discussion.

Later, I reread the discription of the discussion. It was supposed to be on the Short Fiction of Eleanor Arnason as literature. Well, it's always a bit disconserting to think of one's work as literature. Rather like the shock of finding out that one speaks prose.

I swear, next time anyone wants to talk about my work, I will sit in the back and keep quiet. I publish the damn stuff. It's out in the world. Other people have a right to their opinions.


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