Friday, September 16, 2011


We've had two-three days of wonderful cool, bright weather. This morning is gray, but still cool. I'm going to the Y for exercise soon. After that, I have nothing on, except maybe a trip to the library and -- tonight -- a lecture by Terry Bisson, who is in town for an anarchist book fair. Terry is one of my favorite SF writers, so this should be fun.

Otherwise, I am rereading my Lydia Duluth stories, before doing a final revision of the two new ones, and doing a final source check of my new Icelandic story, before giving it to my writing group.

I keep having this restless feeling that I want to write something new -- maybe a fantasy novel. Maybe YA. Something fun and adventurous. No clear ideas have emerged. We will see.

It takes me a long time of mulling, before things actually happen.


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