Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Lovely clear morning outside. The almost full moon has finally set.

I have been focused on Hurricane Sandy, in part because I have friends and family in the East, also because it seems like the wave of the future. As far as I know, all the weather models predict more severe weather as a result of global warming.

The size of the storm is amazing. MPR news said this morning that beach front areas of Wisconsin are being evacuated, due to storm surges on Lake Michigan. Waves up 33 feet high have been predicted. Lake Superior, the most western of the Great Lakes, may have waves as high as 20 feet. So a storm hitting the coast of New Jersey is reaching almost all the way to Minnesota. We are not usually effected by hurricanes.

I need to correct the above. If there are 20 foot waves on Superior, the storm has reached Minnesota, though it isn't likely to cause damage.

I just checked the Duluth Shipping News website to see there are any photos of waves crashing against the lighthouse at the Duluth shipping canal. None posted yet. Maybe later, or maybe Superior will remain calm.


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