Thursday, November 01, 2012


I mentioned that I have a couple of contracts. One is for the sequel to Ring of Swords. I have been stalling on the final revision for years now. However, I have made a commitment to my writing group -- the Wyrdsmiths -- that I will bring in 30 pages of the revision to every meeting till the novel is finished. That means it will be done and mostly out of my life by the next Wiscon.

I also have a contract for a novelette to be included in a theme anthology. I have something like 3,750 words written, a rough plot and a lot of world building done. My plan is to make it a National Novel Writing Month project, and finish it in November, while continuing to put the novel through my workshop.

This means I need to write something like 2,100 words a week starting today. This should not be difficult. It will give my life structure. I find life without a job kind of fuzzy.

In addition, I have a backlog of short stories and novelettes, six to be precise, that I need to finish and get out. But I am going to focus on the work under contract.

I do get things done, but slowly.


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