Thursday, November 01, 2012


63% of the electorate voted in 2008.

(Other interesting information I have just found: 68% of the African American electorate voted in 2008; and the average for off-year elections -- congressional elections -- is 48% of all Americans eligible to vote. I know Americans don't believe in their government, but this is shameful.)

The turnout is likely to be about the same this year as in 2008. Maybe lower, because a lot of people have lost faith in Obama.

Right now, per Nate Silver at the New York Times, polls show that President Obama will get 50.5% of the vote and Mitt Romney will get 48.6%.

So this means about 30.6% of the American electorate plan to vote for Romney, while 31.8% are planning to vote for the president. 27% will not vote.

I don't like Obama. His administration has continued the Bush wars and expanded war into at least three new countries: Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. The Administration has continued Bush's attacks on civil liberties; and Obama bailed out Wall Street at huge expense, when the banks should have be nationalized and the bankers tried for breaking all kinds of laws. This was done in Iceland.

I could go on about the failings of the current Administration: their failure to adequately protect national resources, such as the Gulf of Mexico -- BP got off easy, and it shouldn't have -- and their failure to deal with global warming, a clear threat for all of humanity.

However Mitt Romney is just as bad and worse. Current Republicans are pretty clearly racist, openly homophobic, and opposed to health care for women. They can't stop talking about rape and the need to force women to bear fetuses produced by rape. Romney and Ryan have no policies except cutting taxes for the rich and benefits (such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) for the rest of America, while making life hell for women, homosexuals and nonwhite Americans.

What kind of fool would vote for Romney and Ryan? Is a third of America crazy?


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