Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Update - Minor News

I am still getting error messages on Blogger. However, I can click through them. Still, I'd sooner not get them. My mail program went suddenly weird in the first week of December. So now I have a new mail program. Usually I cruise along, and my computer gives me no trouble. Now I've had two programs behave strangely within a month. Ah well.

I have now moved on to writing project # 2: revising an essay for Strange Horizon and then it's back to the planetary romance. (How did the essay get into my to-do list? I wasn't happy with it and woke up this morning thinking, "I know how to fix it.")

After that it's back to the novel and the four stories that need final revisions, before they go out.

I envy people with a lot of energy and people who do exciting things -- travel, rock climb, go out a lot... Then I realize that I like a lot of empty time and quiet. Even writing seems busy -- not if it's a first draft written for my own pleasure, but writing and editing against a deadline. I have friends who are unhappy when they don't have a contract. Not me.

P.S. The essay is revised. Now on to the planetary romance.


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