Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nothing Much

I can't remember what I've posted, and I'm not going to reread the blog. So what follows may be a repeat.

I'm back to more line editing, against a deadline in a week. Following that is finishing a story by the end of the month. (The story is the noir planetary romance, which did not get finished by year end.) Following that is getting back to my novel.

And I still have six almost-finished stories to finish and get out.

The stories will have to wait till after this month. One thing at a time. Or -- at most -- two things at a time.

For me all of this is busy and somewhat intimidating. But the end result is good. No point in writing, if I don't share.

Tell that to Emily Dickenson, who put her poems in a trunk.

Four stories should come out in reprint anthologies this year, and I should have a new collection out; and -- if I read and sign the darn contract -- my out-of-print books should begin to come out in e-versions.


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