Sunday, February 03, 2013


This is in response to a comment on the previous post.

Thinking through is a huge issue when I write. I am years late on the sequel to Ring of Swords, because I have had to re-imagine a future Earth. The first version of the novel was written almost 20 years ago, and the future I imagined then will not work now.

Fortunately the publisher has been very, very, very patient with me.

It's taken me five months to write a novelette, partly because the world was hard to think through and also because I kept running into plot problems. Thinking and more thinking.

The novelette is for an original anthology. The editor gave a lead time of nine months. I figured it was safe to sign a contract, because of the long lead time; and I have needed it. I still have four months left, enough time to revise the story.

I have never wanted to write the same story twice. I try not to slide past problems or take the easy way out.


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